By Harold L. Lustig

The 1st monetary advisor adapted solely TO LESBIAN AND homosexual ON find out how to safeguard THEIR resources whilst legislation FAIL

Lesbian and homosexual can in attaining reliable, long term monetary security--but they should arm themselves with foresight, expertise, and proof. That's what this e-book is all approximately. Now, drawing on greater than twenty years' event as a monetary adviser to lesbian and homosexual undefined, Harold L. Lustig has written the definitive monetary consultant for you and your partner.

Through Lustig's 4 easy-to-follow steps to financial security--PLAN, PLAN, PLAN; shield WHAT'S YOURS; imagine group; USE NON-CONVENTIONAL knowledge AND TAKE ACTION--this valuable publication can provide attainable monetary techniques and updated details on

- property planning--why it's particularly important for you and your enjoyed one
- Tax benefits on hand to you--and to not legally famous couples
- lowering your tax load via charitable contributions and transferring assets
- A household associate agreement--why it really is severe on your monetary well-being
- heading off the "gay penalty" on long term wellbeing and fitness care and retirement plans
- counsel for investment a faculty education--without shedding into the red
- Reentering the task marketplace while you're HIV positive
- paying for and fine-tuning incapacity insurance
- The proof approximately joint ownership
And a lot more!

Despite detrimental legislation, you could guard your resources, supply for retirement, keep away from discriminatory consequences, and confirm that you just and your associate get pleasure from and percentage what you've earned jointly. From development and shifting wealth with existence assurance to making files that defend you while marital legislation don't, this transparent, clever, useful consultant offers the fundamental monetary details that each lesbian and homosexual couple wishes and merits.

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Extra info for 4 Steps to Financial Security for Lesbian and Gay Couples: Expert Advice for Reducing Your Tax Burden, Increasing Your Wealth, and Protecting Each Other

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