By Ava Albrecht

Written through a in demand health care provider from long island collage scientific middle, this booklet is a useful source for someone dealing with the actual and emotional turmoil of this debilitating .

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Mood disorder not otherwise specified is also a condition of exclusion in that a mood disorder is considered present, but the criteria have not been met for the other conditions in the DSM-IVTR. In someone presenting with depression, these conditions can only be excluded by a thorough history of symptoms and episodes in the past. Sometimes the patient does not recall such episodes, however, such that a bipolar condition is not learned of until the treatment for depression is initiated. 20. My husband is depressed and has mood swings.

Your internist or family practice doctor can diagnose and treat depression, as can a nurse practitioner. They may wish to refer you to a mental health specialist, however, if therapy is needed or if a more in-depth evaluation is warranted. qxd 3/24/05 9:10 M Page 48 100 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT DEPRESSION Most insurance plans have participants who can provide mental health services, although sometimes the choices available on a given plan are limited. , child and adolescent psychiatrists). Mental health specialists who can evaluate for and treat depression include the following: • • • • Social workers Psychologists Psychiatric nurse specialists Psychiatrists In seeking a mental health specialist, it is important to choose someone with proper credentials and training.

Hypomanic a milder form of mania with the same symptoms but of lesser intensity. Mania a condition characterized by elevation of mood associated with racing thoughts, decreased need for sleep, hyperactivity, and poor impulse control. ” Such qualifiers describe a specific pattern of symptom presentation. For example, increased appetite, rejection sensitivity, and a sensation of heaviness of the limbs characterize an atypical major depressive episode. Melancholic depression is most Postpartum referring to events occurring within a specified time after giving birth.

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