By W. Larry Richards

The plentiful existence Bible Amplifier sequence is aimed toward helping
readers comprehend the Bible higher. instead of purely providing comments
on or in regards to the Bible, each one quantity seeks to permit humans to
study their Bibles with fuller understanding.
To achieve this activity, students who're additionally confirmed communicators
have been chosen to writer each one quantity. the fundamental idea
underlying this mixture is that scholarship and the facility to
communicate on a favored point fit skills.
While the Bible Amplifier is written with the desires and abilities
of laypeople in brain, it is going to additionally turn out valuable to pastors and
teachers. past person readers, the sequence could be valuable in church
study teams and as courses to complement participation within the weekly prayer

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Ersons, even great apostles like himself, but God and God alone who awakens � love in the heart, who re-creates us into a new people He t kes to . Himself. What great love that we should even be called His chil­ dren! ( 1 John 3 : 1). Paul: the expert builder (1 Cor. 3: 1 0- 1 7) . rmer) to a construction setting (in which they are a bwldmg, and he IS the mas- • THE APOSTLES ARE UNITED! 69 ter builder). In fact, he made the shift consciously when he said the church was both Gods field and Gods building in verse 9.

How would your interactions with your family, co-workers, or strangers have been different if those interactions were consciously governed by the "mind of Christ" (vs. 16)? 7. Since spiritual things "are spiritually discerned" (vs. 14), how should I respond to someone who differs with me on a theo­ logical point, particularly when both of us believe God's Spirit has guided us in our conclusions? Or, how should we relate to one another over differences on such topics as health, Sabbath, education, or whatever?

It is another way of making an earlier point: The wisdom of the world is no more than foolishness when compared with God's wisdom. How is this so? The wise of the world were so far off target that they crucified Christ, Wisdom Himself! Had the rulers of this age recognized Christ (that is, had they been truly wise and genuinely spiritual), they would not have crucified "the Lord of glory" (vs. 8). Paul accentuates the mysterious element of this wisdom with a quotation from Scripture, a passage many of us have cited numerous times: God has prepared, for those who love him, far more than we (even the wisest among us) could ever imagine (vs.

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