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Second season for Almost Human, almost here

This last Monday, FOX published its schedule for May which includes “ massive television events, series premieres and season finales, as well as all-new episodes with big guest stars“. This wouldn’t seem very interesting at first, but after a closer look at the schedule, FOX may have left a hint about the future of Almost Human. An encore of Almost Human finale will be aired on Saturday, May 17, followed by an encore of The Following finale, which is already renewed. This would be no big deal, if it weren’t for the fact that FOX has included the broadcast of the finale among the HIGHLIGHTS on the channel for this May. That is the important word here, highlights.  And another important thing! In the list, the episode is described as the “Season ONE finale“. So, does it mean that there will be a season TWO? It all points to that now.

Here’s a screencap from FOX’s original note on Facebook:

Remember that May is the month in which FOX will announce its 2014 upfront. In the afternoon of May 12th, we’ll know at last if Almost Human is renewed or (Heaven forbid!) cancelled. That’s just 5 days before the  airing of the encore of the series finale. So, why not make the announcement of the renewal and then programming the last episode of the season after only a few days of the big announcement to get more public?

The truth is that the renewal of the sci-fi series is now more than likely. However, we should wait till the official announcement to finally breath easy.

Source: FOX note on Facebook

Almost Human Leo Awards

Almost Human nominated for two Leo Awards

statue_bToday, the nominees for the Leo Awards 2014 have been announced and Almost Human has received two nominations in the next categories: Production Design and Hairstyling. Even if these nominations aren’t for the main categories, this is a good recognition to the show and could be another push toward the renewal of the series, which is still in the air.

The Leo Awards celebrate excellence in British Columbia film and television and are held annually in Vancouver, Canada. This year, the awards will be held in a three-night ceremony from May 30 (Friday) to June 1 (Sunday). If there are no changes on the event’s schedule, the awards for which Almost Human is nominated will be given during the first night ceremony.

More about Leo Awards: Official Site

Salt Lake City

New pics & videos from Salt Lake FanX & Fan Expo Vancouver

Sadly, these two last conventions, Salt Lake FanXperience and Fan Expo Vancouver, have left very few images and less videos. In fact, there aren’t any videos from Karl’s panel at Vancouver Expo. Many people who attended that panel have confirmed to us that they were forbidden to take any images, so it’s going to be very difficult to find some decent pics from it. Nevertheless, here there are the latest images added:

From Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience:

Karl Urban during his panel at "Salt lake Comic Con FanX"

Karl Urban during his panel at “Salt lake Comic Con FanX”

From Fan Expo Vancouver:

  • New photo gallery with images of Karl with his fans and signing autographs here -> Fan Expo Vancouver.

From Emerald City Comicon:

From MegaCon:

From Dallas Comic Con:

We’ve also added new videos form Karl’s panel at Salt Lake FanXperience, one of them with the full lenght panel. Follow the link:



More updates, later this week. Stay tuned!

Almost Human UK 1

Almost Human, almost renewed & UK release date

This week, we knew the date for the release of Almost Human in UK. As you know, Almost Human will be aired on Watch (from UK TV) and the premiere for the series will be on Thursday, May 6 at 9 PM.


Karl Urban as Det. Kennex and Michael Ealy as Dorian in “Almost Human”

Not a bad week for Almost Human fans. To the release date in UK, we have to add that the odds may be in favor of the series’ future after the changes in the FOX programming. FOX has already cancelled Us & ThemRake, Raising Hope and more recently, The X Factor due to low ratings. All this leaves the channel with three hours on its programming to fill in, so why don’t renew one of the shows which still are in the bubble like Almost Human? Nevertheless, there are other three shows in the same situation as the sci-fi series: EnlistedSurviving Jack and Dads. However, Almost Human has the best ratings among them. As TV Wise reported two days ago, the renewal for a 13 episode second season is really close now.

By the way! If you want to show your support to Almost Human, you can send a message to and let them know that you want the series to be renewed! And there are other campaigns going on, check them at Almost Human Fan Campaign #DRNBots.

Sources: Watch, TV Wise, ENStars

Salt Lake 2

Images & Video from Karl Urban panel at Salt Lake Comic Con

For those of you who have missed Karl’s panel today at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, here it is one short video in which he explains how he developed such a convincing American southern accent for Star Trek:


Plus, first images from the panel:

Vancouver 600

Karl Urban at Fan Expo Vancouver

Quite a busy week for Karl! After his appearance at Salt Lake Comic Con these last two days, he’s flying to Vancouver to attend the Fan Expo there. He’ll be there on Saturday (April 19) and Sunday (April 20). The schedule for the photo ops it’s 3.00 PM on Saturday and 4.00 PM on Sunday. Don’t miss the chance to meet him!


Fan Expo Vancouver is being held at the Vancouver Convention Centre (West Building, Hall C) in Vancouver (BC, Canada).

More info about Karl Urban at Fan Expo Vancouver here.
Fan Expo Vancouver official site

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