About Karl Urban Kiwi

Karl Urban Kiwi was originally born in 2009 as a forum dedicated to the kiwi actor. After four years of working hard and making good friends, we felt that it was time to evolve. And here we are! It’s been many weeks of hard work to launch this website, and we’re still working on it, but we’re sure that it’s worth it. And no, we’re not abandoning our forum. We have another project in our heads: to re-make our old forum so all Karl fans can meet and share whatever they want.

About us

Karli (a.k.a. Fini) One of the founding members of the original forum and the genius who find the 99% of the material we share on the site. She also creates lots and lots of art work. Walls, gifs, sign pics, avatars, nothing escapes her creativity. She’s the person responsible of keeping alive our forum for she never stopped updating it. Karli is still the main administrator on the forum. Contact: karli@karlurban.net

Lady B (a.k.a. Lady Bramblerose) That’s me! I joined the team after a few months of visiting the original site. Since then, I’ve been helping with whatever I could and whenever I’ve been able. During the last two years I’ve mainly helped Karli to manage the forum and now I’m the webmaster of the new website. Contact: lady_b@karlurban.net

*We want to especially thank Neo (Lady B’s brother) for helping us with this new website. Thanks Neo!

About this website

First of all, as we’ve said, we’ve been running a forum since 2009 and during those four years we’ve gathered a lot of material about Karl. We’ve already published some of it here, but it will take several weeks to upload all we have, so we ask you for a little patience. We’ll let you know every time we update the site either with old or new material, just check the News – Updates section on the secondary menu.

And secondly, as you obviously see, this website is in English. That said, you should know that both of us are Spanish, so any news related to Spain or Latin America (movie’s releases there, for example) will be written in Spanish.


This is an UNOFFICIAL, NON-PROFIT fan site (made by fans for fans) with no connection to Mr. Karl Urban or his agents. We only do this to show our support to this gorgeous man and his work. The images, videos, etc. shared on this site are property of their respective owners, except for the fan art, our graphics, designs and the material posted on the “Exclusives” section, that only belong to Karl Urban Kiwi (or either we have explicit permission from the owners to publish it). No copyright infringement intended. Any problem with the content of this page, please contact us and we’ll try to solve it ASAP.

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