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Karl Urban at Emerald City Comicon: Panel Report, Full Video & Caps


Karl Urban answering fan’s questions at ECCC yesterday

“I know nothing!” That’s what Karl said before the questions started yesterday at Emerald City Comicon. He referred to the second season of Almost Human and Dredd sequel, which are the two main issues that fans ask him during his Q&A sessions at the cons. But that’s not completely true. He said that Almost Human producers from Bad Robot and the studio are in conversations to decide the future of the show. He assured that we’ll know if it’s renewed in four weeks, but he seems quite confident about the continuation of the TV series. “I’m sure we can make that happen!” were his final words about Almost Human.

“A lot of discussions going on about that one, too.” Dredd 2‘s turn this time. Karl gave his thanks for all the support that the movie has received from the fans. He said several times during the panel that he’s really proud of this film and finished the issue about the awaited sequel with this sentence: “God willing, we’ll make another”. We already knew that Karl is particularly proud of Dredd, that he LOVES the movie and the character, so knowing that nor him, nor the producers of the movie have abandoned the project is such great news for the fans of the cult film.

But that was just the very beginning of Karl’s panel. He was very funny (spent half the panel screaming “Tequila!” in reference of the night before…), and answered all the fan’s questions. Let’s have a look at what he said!

Karl Urban at Emerald City Comicon (March 29, 2014)

Karl Urban at Emerald City Comicon (March 29, 2014)

Almost Human and Dredd still took some of the questions of the fans. About the shooting of Almost Human, Karl told that most of the scenes in the car are improvised and he put as an example the “You scanned my balls!” line from the last episode of the show. He was also asked what made him do the transition to TV and Karl’s super fast answer was “J.J. Abrams”.

One fan pointed out that Dredd and LOTR, two of his films, are in the final of Amazon’s March (Movie) Madness tournament on FB. Karl didn’t know anything about this, but he took the opportunity to thank again all the fans that have supported (and still support) Dredd. He said that Dredd is one of the movies that he is most proud of. About Dredd, he also said that he wouldn’t have done the movie if Dredd had removed his helmet, because that wouldn’t be Dredd. Then he criticized Stallone’s version, including a hilarious impression of Stallone himself.


Always funny!

He was also asked about The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick and the possibility of being in the fourth movie of the franchise. He told the fans that he had a great time working with Vin Diesel in the Chronicles and he had really good words for Judi Dench as well. Then he said that, if his schedule permits it, he’ll be at Riddick 4. Great news for Vaako fans!

LOTR had its time on the panel, too. Karl highlighted as one of his favourite scenes the one he shot with Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom and John Rhys-Davies in TTT. He told that it was filmed in just one day and that that was a great day. Another fan asked about how he prepared the scene in ROTK in which Eomer finds Eowyn unconscious after the battle. He answered that he didn’t do anything special, just “getting there, feeling it, and doing it.”

Time for Star Trek! Karl declared that they’re starting shooting the third movie at the beginning of next year and it will be released for the 50th anniversary in 2016. He also said that he knows who the director is, but that he can’t tell. He was asked what he would like to see McCoy doing in the next movie. Karl answered that he would like to see more evolution of the co-relationship between Spock, Kirk and Bones, which was very hard on the original series.

There was time for some personal questions, too. One fan asked about his inspiration to become an actor. He answered that he grew up watching movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones and that he admires and respects actors like Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

Another fan’s question was if he is part of any of his own fandoms and Karl said “No! But I should be!” He added that he really appreciates the fact that all those fandoms are there and that if it wasn’t because of the fans, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing.

Karl doing "Dredd" at the Q&A session at ECCC

Karl doing “Dredd” at the Q&A session at ECCC

Then, he was asked whether he has chosen to run his career through science fiction and fantasy or not. Karl confessed that he hasn’t planned his career as it actually is. That he has just fallen into these well-loved movies and TV shows that happen to be on the genre, but that he doesn’t pick his projects by genre and that he’s proud of other films he has made like The Price of Milk or Out of the Blue.

Another question was what his favourite acting between LOTR and the two Star Trek films was and why. Karl said that he loves all of them and he can’t choose one, but that he really loves the first Star Trek.

Karl also talked about his family life: kids and wife travelling with him and how difficult it can be, but that they try to have fun. He then admitted that it’s also difficult for marriage, but that you just have to work on it and that he’s really lucky because he has “the most amazing supportive wife” who he loves with all his heart (big “oooohhhhh” from the crowd and then applause).

Finally, he told the public some really funny stories about Xena’s shoot, the Neutron cream prank from the last Star Trek and Viggo’s goat farm story (we’ve told you! That one is already a classic). If you haven’t heard those stories, you must! Watch the video below and don’t miss the chance to attend a convention with Karl as a guest, he’s adorable with his fans and so funny on the Q&A panels.

- Due to a complaint through YouTube, the video has been deleted. Sorry! -


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