Karl Urban at MegaCon – Panel Report & Upcoming Projects

This year, Karl Urban is going to be very busy and not only for his upcoming projects, but because he’s attending a few conventions as well. Last weekend, he was at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. Apart from signing autographs and doing the photo ops with the fans, Karl always takes part in a Q&A session (or two) in every convention he attends, and so it was at MegaCon.

Karl Urban at MegaCon last weekend

Karl Urban at MegaCon last weekend

Of course, most of the questions asked were about Almost Human, specially about the future of the show. In Karl Urban Kiwi we have commented previously how bad the series has been treated by FOX, which gave us and many of the fans of the show little confidence in its renewal. But this has changed after this weekend. In his panel, Karl assured that even when there is no confirmation for a second season yet, he thinks that is “quite probably” for the series to be renewed. He seemed quite confident, so you can imagine how the crowd went nuts after his statement.

About Almost Human, he was also asked how much improvisation takes place on the show. He said that a lot of the chats in the car between Dorian and Kennex are improvised, and he put as an example the “you scanned my balls” line from the season finale, when Dorian has his performance evaluation.

Fans also asked him about Star Trek. He said that the shooting of the next Star Trek movie is likely to start late this year or early next year, what is basically what he declared at Destination Star Trek last February. What seems to be sure is that the third movie will be in theaters for the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016. In response to another trekkie question, he said that if he had his choice of any Star Trek character to play, it would be Gary Mitchell.

Another fan asked what his favorite role was, and Karl expressed his partiality to Almost Human, Judge Dredd (well, we ALL know that he loves Dredd), and Bones.

Karl also told again the anecdote about Viggo Mortensen’s goat farm (which is becoming a classic in his Q&As) and the story about Star Trek‘s neutron cream.

If you want to read more about Karl’s panel SpoilerTV has an accurate report about it. Read it!

Upcoming projects

Karl Urban at MegaCon (Orlando, March 21-23)

But we have a great scoop! We’ve obtained first hand information about one of Karl’s possible upcoming projects. One of our friends who attended MegaCon was speaking with someone really close to Karl. This person affirmed that Karl has had lunches and meetings with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and didn’t go into detail, but let slip that it does have to do with another action movie in the future. This person also said that Karl needed to be in Canada this Monday right after the con, what it could be related to the future of Almost Human and his optimistic view on the show’s future.

We’ll have to wait for the official confirmation for both, but now we have more info to speculate about his future projects knowing that one of them could involved Mr. Schwarzenegger. Exciting news if it gets confirmed!

*Our thanks to Shannon & Kathy who told us all about Karl’s panel at MegaCon
Remember that Karl will be at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle this weekend (March 28-30)

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