Fan Expo Canada 2013

Karl Urban Kiwi has the pleasure to offer all of you some exclusive photos of Karl Urban at Fan Expo Canada last August. These fantastic pics were taken by Sarah B. (a.k.a. Rekab Haras) during Karl’s panel and she has kindly offered them to be published here and in our facebook page.

We asked Sarah what did she like the best about the panel, and her answer was this:

“Karl came across as a very positive individual who had some great stories about his co-workers, especially Viggo. While the crowd mostly asked questions in regards to his role as Bones in the Star Trek reboots, his fondest memories were those times that he spent on the set of Xena: Warrior Princess with Lucy Lawless and working with Vin Diesel on Riddick. I had actually been waiting to meet Karl for over ten years and he didn’t disappoint, and he made my day by giving me loves and kisses on my autograph and actually smiling in my photo. “


Thank you very much Sarah for these wonderful photos and for thinking of us to share them with all the fans. You’re absolutely awesome, THANKS!

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