Interview with Deborah Warner

A few weeks ago, our Karli was chatting with Deborah Warner about Karl and especially, about when they met at Xena’s convention in Santa Monica back in 1999. That was before they worked together in The Privateers. Deborah was the producer for this series pilot and Karl, as you well know, was Captain Aran Dravyk. Even if there is only one episode, we love The Privateers and we love Aran Dravyk, so we seize every chance we get to talk with those involved in the project.

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Karl Urban at Xena Con (Santa Monica, 1999)

Karl Urban at Xena Con (Santa Monica, 1999)

Fini>Did you meet Karl before the convention or did you meet there?

Deborah>We had arranged to meet at that convention. I had already auditioned him via video tape for The Privateers. We were going to discuss the details of the shoot.

How was the people reaction when Karl came on stage? I mean, he wasn’t as well known as he is now…

The fans were excited to see him, but they were waiting to see Lucy Lawless. He got a really good reaction, but not as strong as we would at later conventions.

Natalie (Karl’s wife) was with him, was she  also his makeup artist?

She was not at that convention. At least, I  didn’t see her there with him or anyone.

What was the most special time for you with  Karl at the con?

It was actually the dinner we had afterward before he returned to the airport. He met with me and my production team to discuss the shoot. He was very professional but also very, very  funny. Also, I was impressed that he wouldn’t leave the convention until he had signed every  fan’s photo. He was very kind about that. Why are you guys so curious about when Natalie turned up?

Well to tell the truth, it’s because we want to know something more about his life. We like to see him not just as a man giving interviews about making moviesAnd we know that both of them worked in “The Privateers”, so we are curious about how the two of them were working together.

Karl Urban and Deborah Warner (Santa Monica, 1999)

Karl Urban and Deborah Warner (Santa Monica, 1999)

Please, Deborah tell us, why did he take off his pants!!?? And what was the people reaction at this.

They were surprised and then they cheered and clapped.

Last one: Can you think of any story with Karl that remembering it makes you smile?

He can mimic any accent he hears by only hearing it once. He was imitating almost every guy at the dinner table before it was over. I knew then that he would be very interesting to work with.

It’s been great to chat with you, thank you very much Deborah, really!

I’m glad I could help.

Deborah L. Warner has a Master’s Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia as well as a BA in Journalism/Public Relations. After several years in Public Relations for various government agencies and Marketing for advertisers, she left the east coast to pursue a career in film.
She created the concept for, co-wrote and produced the pilot presentation The Privateers. She also wrote the copy for the press kit and marketing campaign for that project. For her first feature film, Deborah co-wrote, scheduled and budgeted Demon Under Glass. She also secured its initial distribution through Customflix and wrote the press kit and materials for its marketing campaign. Deborah has published several novels and currently works as a freelance editor at Digital Manga.
Visit Deborah’s blog 

Interview by Karli
Edited by Lady B

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