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Karl Urban appearance at Star Trek Boston CANCELLED

We are sorry to announce that Karl Urban has cancelled his appearance at the Official Star trek Convention in Boston later this month. Here’s the update from the official site:

We have been notified that Karl Urban is unfortunately unable to attend the Boston Convention. He has canceled all his convention appearances in June. We wish Karl well and hope to welcome him to the area in the future. We will be announcing additional guest(s) soon. Those that ordered Karl Urban photo op tickets or the Karl Urban/Bruce Greenwood duo photo op will have your credit card refunded. Please allow up to ten days for the money to show up on your card.

As they say on the update, this last cancelling means that Karl has finally cancelled all his attendances to conventions in June. There isn’t a lot of information on the reasons for these changes on Karl’s schedule, but we hope for a new project that could be interfering.

Crossing our fingers!

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Karl Urban at Destination Star Trek London 2014

Another con just announced for our kiwi! This time he’ll come back to Europe as he’ll be attending Destination Star Trek London. The convention will be held in October, from Friday (Oct. 3) to Sunday (Oct. 5), in ExCeL London.

Tickets and photo ops are already available on the official website. Please note that you must be purchasing or already have an entry or package ticket in order to book additional tickets, like photo ops or party tickets. Photo op with Karl is £45 and autographs are £40.


More info on Destination Star Trek official website.

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UPDATE: Cons that Karl Urban will attend in June

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We have an important update about the conventions that our kiwi will attend next month. As we’ve published a few weeks ago, Karl had confirmed two cons for June: Denver Comic Con and Wizard World in Philadelphia.

Sadly, we have to announce that Karl’s appearance in Philadelphia has been cancelled. We don’t have much information about this cancellation, only what has been published on the convention’s official website and that is that Karl has cancelled his attendance for personal reasons.

st14_urbanBut don’t panic! Karl has confirmed his attendance to the Official Star Trek Convention in Boston next month. Karl Urban will be there on Sunday, June 22. He’ll be on stage for a Q&A session with his fans, do autographs and appear in photo ops. Autographs can be purchased on site directly at his booth in the vendors area and photo ops are available in limited number on the con’s official site. Maybe this is one of the personal reasons why Karl has had to cancel his appearance in Philadelphia: both cons will be held during the same weekend. Maybe too many conventions.

Finally, don’t forget that the previous weekend, Karl will attend Denver Comic Con. Our kiwi will be there on Saturday (June 14) and Sunday (June 15). Autographs are $50 and photo ops $55.

Don’t miss the chance to meet our favourite kiwi!

More info: DCC Official Site, Star Trek Boston Official Site


Sadly, Karl Urban has cancelled his attendance to Denver Comic Con next week. The only information available about this cancellation is that he’s unable to attend the con. This leaves only one convention for Karl this month, the Official Star Trek Convention in Boston.

Las Vegas 2014

Karl Urban at Star Trek Las Vegas 2014

Another convention on Karl’s agenda! Karl Urban will attend this summer’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention. Karl is confirmed to appear on stage for a Q&A session and, of course, to appear in photo ops and do autographs. For now, the organizers have just confirmed one day for Karl to be there: Thursday, July 31. However, they’re still in conversations to extend his stay for more days. Autographs will be available in the vendors area at the con, but photo ops will be on sale on the convention’s official website as soon as they finish negotiations with Karl’s representative.

Karl Urban during his panel at Star Trek Las Vegas convention in 2013

Karl Urban during his panel at Star Trek Las Vegas convention in 2013

Star Trek Las Vegas will be hold in The Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas (NV) from July 31 (Thursday) to August 3 (Sunday). More info at the official website.


Karl Urban seen at LAX

Karl Urban was seen last Sunday, May 18, at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). It seems that Karl left the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan, and went directly to L.A. This could be good news as it could very well mean that Karl is in conversations for a new project, or that maybe he’s about to start one. We’ll have to wait to know more about the future roles of our favourite kiwi, but after the cancellation of Almost Human, his next work should be closer.

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Karl Urban at Motor City Comic Con this weekend

Just a little reminder specially for those of you who live in Novi, Michigan! (or close enough)

Karl Urban will attend this weekend’s Motor City Comic Con in Novi. Besides autographs and photo ops, Karl will take part in a Q&A session, as in every convention he attends, on Saturday at 1.30 PM. Here’s the info from the official site:

Michigan_panelKarl’s panel will follow Nicholas Brendon & Josh Stewart Q&A (titled “Smooth Criminals”). Check the full panel list here.

Karl will be at the con on Saturday and Sunday. Photo ops are $60 and autographs $55. Don’t miss the chance to meet our favourite kiwi!

More info at the Motor City Comic Con official site.