Almost Human cancelled esc

Almost Human CANCELLED

Sadly, we have to announce the worst news we could expect about our favourite show. Despite all the good signs toward the future of the series these last two weeks, FOX has cancelled Almost Human as Deadline and Variety have reported just three hours ago.
It’s true that FOX has been considering the renewal of the show till now, but the chance of a second season has considerably dropped with the good acceptance of the drama pilots (Gotham, The Red Band Society and Empire), which have been released recently. Being Almost Human a production from an outside studio (Warner Bros TV) hasn’t helped either.

After months of rumours, we have to say goodbye not only to Det. Kennex, but to Karl Urban on TV, as he declared a couple of weeks ago at Salt Lake Comic Con that he wouldn’t come back to TV if Almost Human was finally cancelled. That statement was not a big surprise, as he has always complaint about not seeing his family enough while he was shooting the show. He wants a balance in his life, and he’s going to have it now. We’re happy for him and his family, but we’re really sad to lose Almost Human. It was a great show and it deserved a second season without any doubt.

Sources: Variety, Deadline

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    1. No entiendo lo que quieres decir Barbara: he leído la carta y simplemente piden a otros canales que tomen ellos el relevo de FOX y continúen con la serie. La mayoría de peticiones siguen el mismo patrón. Espero haber podido aclararte el tema de la petición ;)

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